Tuesday, March 16, 2010

YAY! 183.8

Loosing a gall bladder was nice to me. I am down 6 pounds! Now my goal is to just keep that this week. I really have to watch what I eat, because exercise is slow, today I walked for 30 minutes on the treadmill, and earned a measly 2 points, better than nothing but still not my 40-60 minute runs.

So goal this week is to maintain the loss from surgery, if I lose great, but it will not ruin anything. Next week I hope that I get the okay from my doctor to run again. It kills me though, today is a gorgeous 55 degree day, and I could not run.

So I start my week at 183.8...68 pounds lost since August 11Th.


CJ said...

Surgeries can be tough on the body. Take it slow, let your body heal :)

Laura said...

be careful with your body, surgery is tough on your body

BEE said...

congrats on the loss
just start back slow

Katie J said...

That just ROCKS Katie! Be good to yourself and maybe do some alternate exercise that won't but any strain on your body.