Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Well its better than a gain, but not the 187 I saw yesterday.

Finally I have had 2 weeks of consecutive losses.

Okay going to meet with a personaly trainer now.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Okay so I was in Michigan for the past few days. I went to a Michigan State Hockey game, they won! I also went to a Michigan State basketball game they lost=( My almost 3 year old has learned the entire fight song, and will sing it all the time for anyone. It does this mommy's heart proud, she even told Ryan and I, "Mommy that my school!"

As for diet and excersise, I did pretty great. I did not track but I made great decisions, I had tuna, and stir fry. Breakfast at Holiday inn express has these amazing cinnamon rolls, I only split one with my husband one day, the other day I did not eat any. I also got work outs in, I ran 3 and half miles one day, the other day I only made it 3 miles, I drank the night before and it killed me, I ran till I lost 300 calories, then stopped.

Today was a fun exciting day I had a total fitness assesment!

Hear are my numbers...

Current weight 187
Height 5 ft 7.25 in
Blood pressure 118/76
resting heart rate 53
BMI 28.4

waist 38 (in.)
Hip 42.5 (in.)
Waist/hip ratio .89(this is bad very high risk it should be under .8)
right arm 11.75(in.) left arm 11(in.) Can you tell what arm I carry the baby in?
Right thigh 22.75(in.) Left thigh 22.5(in.)
right calf 17(in.) left calf 17(in.)

%Body fat (skin folds)

Triceps 17.5 mm
Abdomen 31.5 mm
Supra Ileum 25 mm

Total 74 mm = 30% Rating...borderline high risk GOAL less than 23%

Good news is I have a very high lean mass. If i was to loose weight without lossing any lean mass, and have a 0% body fat I would be 131 pounds!

So to be in the 23% range what is healthy, I need to be 170 pounds. WOOHOO

To be a healthy BMI i need to weigh 160, but the trainer is starting with the body fat first, so my goal is to be 170 by June.

There is a ton of numbers, most on which I don't get, I am kind of bummed that I didn't do this 65 pounds ago, just to see what I have done. I do want to say tomorrow is weigh in day at WW, and if the scale at the YMCA is any indication, I will be in the 180's, but the only weight I count is my weekly weigh in at WW. Here is hoping they match=)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New low

Now if i just play my cards right I could be out of the hellish 190's

I lost and I am down to 190.4

Before I get excited, I have not had 2 consecutive losses since December.

Monday, February 15, 2010

I love my husband!

So my wonderful husband did not buy me candy for Valentines day, he did not buy me flowers, he did not buy me choclate, and he did not take me out for a fancy dinner date. He did something 1000x's better! He bought me running pants. They are real ones too, Nike...if you know me you would know I refuse to ever buy anything name brand for myself, but Ryan bought these so that is awesome!

I have worked out a crap load this week so I do not have any doubt that I will have a loss this week! Today I ran 5 miles and when Ry gets home I plan to go run or eliptical.

While running I was thinking about how hard I have been on myself for still being in the 190's. So I started thinking about what is better in my life right now.

1. I can wrap a towel around myself. Not an extra large one, a normal bath towel.

2. I can shop for all "normal" size clothes, one that button up, zip up, and even dressses are now all "normal" sized.

3. I can run period, never mind the fact that I can run farther and faster than I even excpected.

So as a rule amd I happy in the 190's?? NO, but I sure like the 190 pound Katie a whole lot more than the 252 pound Katie!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Stair master grrr

So the stair master made me its B*tch tonight. I want to start adding a little extra cardio in the mix, just because some running days are less than others so this way I can even it out.

Tonight all ellipticals were fill up=( So I decided to try the stair master, I only needed 12 minutes on it to make my hour complete, so I set the time and figured level 8 (1-20) sounded like an easy enough start. I chose fat burn PLUS for my work out and start going...holy crap. I made it 6 minutes before I wanted to cry like a baby.

Now I am going to make that my little goal, work that stair master till I can do 12 minutes.

Side note about running I ran/walked 5.75 miles today. I ran at noon, but didn't make it far because I made the mistake of eating right before going in, so I got a side cramp and walked the rest on a very high incline. Then later I went again, Ryan had set the time to work out then he had to work, so I went in his place. This time I ran my 5k, I did it in 32 minutes this time. I feel great.

I also had my BMI evaluated today. After new Years I went in and had a real BMI done on me. I measured in at 29.9 just under obese and I was simply overweight.

Today even though I weigh the same as I did then...exactly the same to be honest (ouch it still hurts to say that!), I had a BMI of 28.4. I am thrilled it means even without losing weight I am getting leaner. SO things are changing.

As happy as I am about that I really still need the scale to change, I wouldn't mind if at 160 I was a healthy BMI and I could quit then, but I am still in the 190's and unless your over 6 feet tall I don't think there is such thing as a health 190!

Oh my friend gave me idea after talking to her...I think for lent I am going to give up all sugar. Yes I am writing that in blog land so that is now a binding statement and means I have no choice but to follow through now!

I think I can do it...Diet Coke and all.

Good thing I have some time till lent...wait when does lent start??

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dreading having to post this=(

So another fricken gain this week.

.8 up. That is sad because my new low is gone. this week I am trying to do everything right. I even will be able to get 2 work outs in today.

Oh I tired my first lara bar. It was amazing. Just a little high in calories but I think better for me and longer lasting than the old fall back of fiber one bars. I had the pecan pie. But it was still 5 WW points. If it was 3 I definitely would be buying a box, but 5 just seems a little too much. But it will be a treat for myself now and then. I will keep a couple in the cupboard for when I need a sweet treat.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Slowed down

So with my leg healing I felt slower today, I only did the 5k in 36 minutes. Still not bad figuring I used to average 15 minute miles. I also ran on an incline, keeps the calorie count high.

My leg is healing and because of that, it scabs over, when I run it opens the cut, and it hurts. I run through because that is what a bad*ss I am=)

Tomorrow is weigh in, I did have a 3 day work out, so I am not feeling to sure about it. I feel best when I get in 4 or 5 work outs, 3 is just bare miniumum. So I think I will be at the gym tomorrow kicking it biggest loser style and busting my butt till they kick the girls out of child watch(2 hour limit). I have a 50 minute run, followed by my 15 minutes of strength training, I think I will top it all off with either

45 minutes of bike
or 45 minutes of eliptical

or 22.5 minutes of both to change things up.

Or I can start off with a swim and then go for a run....what to do what to do?

Friday, February 5, 2010

back on track.

It is getting more difficult these days. When I started Weight watchers I had 42 points to eat a day(roughly the same as 2000 calories). I was nursing 100%, and was fat.

Now I have 30 points. Things are not as easy. I used to have 10 points at the end of the day to just eat whatever. Those points are gone, now I have to start planning, figuring out how to get the most bang for my buck!

The good thing is I am getting strong, I can run farther and faster than I ever thought I could. I am at almost 10 minute miles. I can do 3 miles without thinking much of it. In fact I want to push myself harder, but I stay on the 10k prep plan. I am running another 8k in one month and to be honest it does not scare me at all, this time I know I will be running it in under an hour, my goal is to beat Ryan's turkey trot time!

So diet is rough, and only going to get more difficult, but work outs are only getting easier and more fun by the day.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

YES YES finally!

I am at a new low...191.8, 60 pounds lost.

Finally I reached a new low.

I should be out of the 190's next week!

Monday, February 1, 2010

I want to thank everyone

I forgot to say thank you, For the suggestions, and the encouragement everyone gave me.

I had a pity party and I am working hard to make sure the weight gains stop and then start to go back down.

I bought a food scale, I kept thinking about it before, but was losing weight so easy and fast that I figured I was fine. Well now I know I need it.

This week I did fine excpet for one day, the day my best friend left. I ate before to deal with the emotions, and then ate again with her, and had beer. So again I am not sure what to excpect this week. I need to stop letting this happen.

But thanks to my husband I got out and excersised everyday I was supposed to. Even with the fall I feel great I got there. Tomorrow I will see how things go whether I am swimming, or running. My leg feels better now, but still has some throbbing to it.

No I didn't fall off the wagon, but I did fall...

My Uncle gave me a great book for Christmas, "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall. I found out I was running all wrong and today was ready to just enjoy a run for the sake of running. No intervals no start no stop just go and go. So I did a 5 minute warm up, bumped up to an 8 minute mile, smiled that I can do this, reached for my water took a sip, and BAM!!

I fell off the the treadmill, the really cute really tiny girl next to me was worried, but I hopped back up and continued my run at a 10:30 minute mile. I also went back to intervals. I was running and really didn't think anything about it till I heard the cute girl say to her friend a 20 minutes later "did you see her poor leg?" that is when I looked down, and saw the treadmill took the skin off my leg.

So at that point now that I noticed it, my leg started throbbing, but I was 20 minutes in and over half way done with a 5k. So I kept on running, figuring that I had to finish I made it this far. I finishd the 5k, and the 2 minute cool down in 34 minutes! I have never run to fast in my life. I think the pain drove me to finish sooner, because I kept bumping up the speed to get the 5 k done faster. I finished, grabbed my coat and left.

I came home and my husband was sweetly concerened, and then when he saw that I was okay he was his normal funny self. He wanted to know if I skinned my knee on purpose to have a better weigh in...a little less skin has to make me wiegh a little less=)

I love that man!

I think I might just swim tomorrow, I also think the ultra marathon the book made me want to do, probably won't happen.