Monday, February 1, 2010

I want to thank everyone

I forgot to say thank you, For the suggestions, and the encouragement everyone gave me.

I had a pity party and I am working hard to make sure the weight gains stop and then start to go back down.

I bought a food scale, I kept thinking about it before, but was losing weight so easy and fast that I figured I was fine. Well now I know I need it.

This week I did fine excpet for one day, the day my best friend left. I ate before to deal with the emotions, and then ate again with her, and had beer. So again I am not sure what to excpect this week. I need to stop letting this happen.

But thanks to my husband I got out and excersised everyday I was supposed to. Even with the fall I feel great I got there. Tomorrow I will see how things go whether I am swimming, or running. My leg feels better now, but still has some throbbing to it.

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