Monday, February 8, 2010

Slowed down

So with my leg healing I felt slower today, I only did the 5k in 36 minutes. Still not bad figuring I used to average 15 minute miles. I also ran on an incline, keeps the calorie count high.

My leg is healing and because of that, it scabs over, when I run it opens the cut, and it hurts. I run through because that is what a bad*ss I am=)

Tomorrow is weigh in, I did have a 3 day work out, so I am not feeling to sure about it. I feel best when I get in 4 or 5 work outs, 3 is just bare miniumum. So I think I will be at the gym tomorrow kicking it biggest loser style and busting my butt till they kick the girls out of child watch(2 hour limit). I have a 50 minute run, followed by my 15 minutes of strength training, I think I will top it all off with either

45 minutes of bike
or 45 minutes of eliptical

or 22.5 minutes of both to change things up.

Or I can start off with a swim and then go for a run....what to do what to do?

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Leah said...

Good luck at the gym and with weigh-in! That elliptical kicks my butt!