Monday, February 15, 2010

I love my husband!

So my wonderful husband did not buy me candy for Valentines day, he did not buy me flowers, he did not buy me choclate, and he did not take me out for a fancy dinner date. He did something 1000x's better! He bought me running pants. They are real ones too, Nike...if you know me you would know I refuse to ever buy anything name brand for myself, but Ryan bought these so that is awesome!

I have worked out a crap load this week so I do not have any doubt that I will have a loss this week! Today I ran 5 miles and when Ry gets home I plan to go run or eliptical.

While running I was thinking about how hard I have been on myself for still being in the 190's. So I started thinking about what is better in my life right now.

1. I can wrap a towel around myself. Not an extra large one, a normal bath towel.

2. I can shop for all "normal" size clothes, one that button up, zip up, and even dressses are now all "normal" sized.

3. I can run period, never mind the fact that I can run farther and faster than I even excpected.

So as a rule amd I happy in the 190's?? NO, but I sure like the 190 pound Katie a whole lot more than the 252 pound Katie!


Learning to be Less said...

Woohoo girl! You are rockin'! Love it. Take a pic in your new pants!

CJ said...

Way to go! You go rockin!

Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

Your success is truly inspiring. It's great that you're learning how to eat right and exercise at this time of your life. Great role model (and mom) to your daughters.

Katie J said...

Amen girlie! That is the way to look at it! I am dreaming of being in the 190s ;-)