Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dreading having to post this=(

So another fricken gain this week.

.8 up. That is sad because my new low is gone. this week I am trying to do everything right. I even will be able to get 2 work outs in today.

Oh I tired my first lara bar. It was amazing. Just a little high in calories but I think better for me and longer lasting than the old fall back of fiber one bars. I had the pecan pie. But it was still 5 WW points. If it was 3 I definitely would be buying a box, but 5 just seems a little too much. But it will be a treat for myself now and then. I will keep a couple in the cupboard for when I need a sweet treat.


Katie J said...

((((Katie)))) I just had to give you a BIG hug! Thanks for being in my corner and rooting me on lady!

Leah said...

Hang in there, Katie! I had a horrible day today. I'm not even going to try and log what I ate...I don't want to know the calorie damage! Tomorrow is a new day. We CAN do this!