Friday, February 12, 2010

Stair master grrr

So the stair master made me its B*tch tonight. I want to start adding a little extra cardio in the mix, just because some running days are less than others so this way I can even it out.

Tonight all ellipticals were fill up=( So I decided to try the stair master, I only needed 12 minutes on it to make my hour complete, so I set the time and figured level 8 (1-20) sounded like an easy enough start. I chose fat burn PLUS for my work out and start going...holy crap. I made it 6 minutes before I wanted to cry like a baby.

Now I am going to make that my little goal, work that stair master till I can do 12 minutes.

Side note about running I ran/walked 5.75 miles today. I ran at noon, but didn't make it far because I made the mistake of eating right before going in, so I got a side cramp and walked the rest on a very high incline. Then later I went again, Ryan had set the time to work out then he had to work, so I went in his place. This time I ran my 5k, I did it in 32 minutes this time. I feel great.

I also had my BMI evaluated today. After new Years I went in and had a real BMI done on me. I measured in at 29.9 just under obese and I was simply overweight.

Today even though I weigh the same as I did then...exactly the same to be honest (ouch it still hurts to say that!), I had a BMI of 28.4. I am thrilled it means even without losing weight I am getting leaner. SO things are changing.

As happy as I am about that I really still need the scale to change, I wouldn't mind if at 160 I was a healthy BMI and I could quit then, but I am still in the 190's and unless your over 6 feet tall I don't think there is such thing as a health 190!

Oh my friend gave me idea after talking to her...I think for lent I am going to give up all sugar. Yes I am writing that in blog land so that is now a binding statement and means I have no choice but to follow through now!

I think I can do it...Diet Coke and all.

Good thing I have some time till lent...wait when does lent start??

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Katie J said...

Next Wednesday is the beginning of Lent. February 17th (Ash Wednesday) LOL - You will be doing 12 mins on the elliptical in no time!

Have a good weekend and thanks for the luverly comment on my post yesterday. You rock Katie girl!