Tuesday, April 13, 2010

If I was on the Biggest loser...I would have won this week!

10.2 pounds...Holy crap!! I new it was going to be decent, but I thought I would lose, 6-8 pounds not all of it plus some. So that puts me at a new low!!! I have officially lost exactly 69 pounds.

In other news thanks to Katie J, and the blog she sent me too, I have some things to think about. I still really want to look my best, and I still have time. I now know what to ask and a little more of what to expect if and when I get a tuck done.

In sad news my parents beagle, the one I picked out my senior year of high school, is dieing. She has cancer and they do not expect her to make it through the summer. I am really sad about this, she is the sweetest funny beagle ever, so in her honor and something that has nothing to do with weight loss I am going to tell a funny Rosie story.

Now I am sure you have all heard beagles are natural born hunters, they have hunting instinct. Well we thought Rosie missed that message, because she never tried to hunt anything. Until one day...My dad loves to take Rosie for walks through the State Park camp ground in the winter, and one day the get out of the car and Rosie immediately goes on point. She smells the air, and start baying like only a beagle can, and then takes off. My dad start chasing after her(swearing I am sure the entire time), it is winter so no one is really camping and my dad follows her tracks, until he comes across what she "hunted".....It was a Boy scout group cooking bacon!


TJ said...

hey thanks for the comment! :) I can't believe what a GREAT weight loss you had ! WOW !! That is BIGGEST LOSER BIG! :) Congrats!

Sorry to hear about your family dog :( We lost ours a few years ago and I still miss her :( so sad.

Your journey is amazing and inspiring! :) Keep up the great work!

CJ said...

What a loss! Great going! Congratulations!!

Katie J said...

Damn girl! I think the most I lost in a week was 6 so damn!

Glad that the blog helped give you some food for thought. She is brutally honest and it is nice to see pictures too. How exciting for you to be so close to be actually thinking about it Katie.

Losing It- for real said...

freaking awesome!

Mehridith said...

I love catching up on your blog! It's very cool. :) I want to see new pics of you though - I can't find anything recent?? Also, so sorry about Rosie... I'm still getting over Emmie!!! =P

Keep up the good work!!! :)