Friday, December 18, 2009

My best friend is home!!

My best friend lives in France, and she is home for 6 weeks. I am so thrilled she is one of those rare people you meet and instantly and forever are best friends with. I have three of those in my life, my sister, husband and Julia. I met Julia when I was applying to work at the Cheesecake Factory, and we hit it off, and have been the closest of friends since. Even when she moved to Spain, and then France we still talk all the time. So you get is she is the best I could talk about how wonderful she is, just like I could tell you about my amazing husband and the best sister I have, but I will not bore you with the get she is awesome.

So she is home, and her dad signed her up to join the gym I work out at, I am so excited because meeting up with someone is the motivation I need still. But her dad is buying it for her in hopes she will learn to like exercise. I hate to inform her I do it now it is habit but I still hate the actual act of working out. What I am addicted to is the feeling I get after I work out. That feeling of accomplishment that I pushed my body to do something I couldn't do 19 weeks ago.

I had that feeling when I completed the turkey trot, I felt a high. I learned from my sister this is normal, its called a runners high. It is the reason I signed up for the half marathon. I figure if I felt that great after 5 miles, I can only imagine the feeling I will get when I finish 13 miles.

SO that keeps me working out, I hope that she feels something. I had worked out before, and never stuck with it because to just work out for the sake of working out is not fun for me. As long as I keep finding goals to try for I will keep going to the gym. Everyone has a different motivation, and I can encourage her and meet up and for this six weeks she probably will do it because it is fun to have me around (because I am awesome like that). When she goes back home to Cannes France(lucky girl!), she will have to find her own motivation to keep going.

But that is beside the point, my best friend is home for 6 weeks I am going to horde every possible moment with her till she goes back.

What keeps you working out?

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