Thursday, December 10, 2009

Second wind! Marathon traing!

So since the turkey trot, I have been kinda not with it.

People have been telling me how great I look, how proud they are, and all positive things about my weight loss. Well its great, BUT it almost made me feel like I was done...but I am not. Just 2 more pounds lost I will no longer be obese!! According to BMI I will be overweight. So this is motivating me, when I started this journey, I was considered morbidly obese, soon I will be just overweight. So now I can stop calling myself fat, I will be fluffy, not fat=) So all the compliments, all the joys of being under 200 almost made me forget that this is now just a new turn, now is the time I can go from fluffy to HOT!

So to jump start this new start...I signed up for half a marathon. May 30Th I will be running 13.1 miles. I have roughly 5 and half months till this day. I will do the 12 week 10k training program Laura gave me. And still have time to do the 10 week half marathon training program I found. So I think this will be entirely possible...I also plan on being 40 pounds less! I just have no time to "take a break" I have to keep going strong and not miss even a week of training.

2 hours and 36 minutes is my goal exactly 12 minute miles...I can do that, right??


Paula Rodriguez said...

You can definitely do it. Congratulations on signing up for another marathon. I'm gonna look into the couch to 5k training program. I can now jog 1.75 miles but it takes me like 30 minutes. You're doing wonderful.

Just keep pluggin away okay.

Anonymous said...

Great job on signing up for another run!

AND for being under 200!!

Lori Lynn said...

Wow. That's awesome! I don't think I'm brave enough (yet) to sign up for a half-marathon. I've been able to run a mile multiple times, but on bad days, sometimes a mile is pushing it. I haven't ran for several days though.
It's great though! :-)

Katie J said...

WOWIE!!! I am in awe!

Learning to be Less said...

Wow girl! That is impressive. The thought has crossed my mind but that is a big committment (the training). How much will you have to walk/run each day?

Jenn said...

Congrats on making it to Onederland!!!! That's so great!
And a 1/2 marathon - holy shnikes, woman! That's definitely motivation to keep going!

Laura said...

That's very exciting!! If you stick to your training, you will do awesome! And with that training I gave you, you will drop that weight so quickly, 40lbs is more than do able!

Miz said...

totally what I needed to read this morning as, well, Im SUPPOSED to run and sitting here HOPING I do :)

anna said...

wow! go you!!!
lots of practicing for the 13.1 ahead..
way to go!