Friday, December 18, 2009

Nope never going to eat like that again!

I would like to thank another one of my really good friends for this blog idea. I was talking to my favorite mommy friend, if your a mommy I am sure you have one, the other mommy who has little ones at home and knows what it is like to not have adult conversation for hours, so you talk pretty much every single day. Well this friend was talking to me about my weight loss, asking me if when I lose all the weight will I eat certain things again.

I had to tell her no never again will I ever eat like I used to! We were discussing eating out, and how with my new healthy life style it is no longer fun. There are 2 main reasons, eating out with a 2 almost 3 year old is a fight, keeping her entertained and happy is nearly impossible. The second reason is the biggest, I always know what I will eat before I walk in the restaurant door. What I get is usually one of the 3 healthy items, all which I could make better.

So talking about this my friend totally understood the first reason, but the second confused her, she wanted to know why I could not just sometimes cheat. I told her sure there will be times I go out and enjoy myself but I will never eat bacon cheese fries, or awesome blossom for appetizers, then some cheesy creamy sauce over pasta, and finish it off with a dessert topped with ice cream, caramel, and chocolate. And that was a normal meal for me, and I would eat every bite.

So the answer is no I will never cheat, I will always order food that is on the healtier side, I do not ever see myself ordering anything fried, cheesey, creamy, or breaded ever again. And to be honest I am okay with that, I have learned to enjoy new falvors, and new tastes.

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