Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Weigh In day....

5.2 pounds!!!

Seriously, I know it is for 2 weeks. So I don't know what to think or how it happened. But yes 5.2 pounds I must really focus the next few weeks because if i can LOSE 5.2 pounds the week of Christmas and my birthday....well then I can do anything!

WOOOHOOO 5.2 pounds lost=))))))))


Jenn said...

That. is. FABULOUS!!!!!
That is a win on so many levels - 5 pounds gone is great on it's own, but to do that during CHRISTMAS, and your BIRTHDAY - well, that's about the greatest gift you could give yourself.

Katie J said...

I gained what you lost! :-o

Seriously Katie that is awesome girl!

Looking forward to watching you reach your goals in 2010 my dear!

Tricia said...