Monday, December 21, 2009

This is hard!

It is hard to choose the fish and not a giant hamburger with french fries.

It is hard to go to work on Saturday and not eat cream of chicken with artichoke soup.

It is hard to wake up in the morning get both girls ready and go to the gym.

It is hard to eat apple instead of chips.

It is hard to find good for you recipes that taste great too.

It is hard run when you feel like sitting on the couch.

It is hard to go grochery shopping and not buy some delicious baked good.

It is hard to not partake in the Sunday donut ritual.

There is so much that is still hard I still fight daily and will always. Somethings get easier with time, but the urge to binge eat is always there. There are times I still over eat, but atleast my house is filled with good otions so yes I can over eat but it is on apples with peanut butter, left over dinners, it is not ideal but it is better than oreos, donuts, and chips.

So everyday is a struggle, and somedays I win, and every week of this journey I have started I feel I won because I lost weight. I still beat myself up because I know I could do better, I did not track every day, and I have not worked out yet today.

I will continue on, but I am not always happy. I want to make Christmas cookies with Riley and have her decorate them, but I know if I do that I will eat half of we don't=(

All these things are hard, but not as hard as it is to be fat!


Losing It- for real said...

"nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"

... one of my fave WW quotes! You're doing great!

Lori Lynn said...

I so understand and agree with you! I wish it didn't have to be such a struggle, and that the daily battle could just be won!
I hope you get through it! :-)