Monday, December 28, 2009

The week! and 39 points earned!

Okay so to begin, why I didn't have a weigh in last week.

Last week my husband called me after work and said he HAD to go shopping on Tuesday(my WW weigh in day), and no other day would work. At first I was okay with that, I will just bring the kiddo's. Then I realized all my WW stuff was in his car. So then it was a big ole fight, that he didn't care and why did he have to go on Tuesday when he knows its the one day I do something, well you will soon find out why I had to eat those words...So anyways I didn't get to weigh in.

Wednesday was a crazy day Riley and her friend went to Chuck-e-cheese, and had a ton of fun, then we finished off last minute Christmas shopping.

Thursday was Christmas eve. The entire day I spent doing laundry, and packing and last minute wrapping. Following with Christmas eve dinner at My in laws, with the traditional Polish Wigilia. It is a meal with no meat, the fish my Mother in law usually makes is fried. My wonderful sweetheart of a husband brought my favorite Cajun seasoning, and broiled my fish. He also made me my perogi's a healthy way not fried in sticks of butter like everyone elses. Then Santa came early and surprised my both me and Riley with Bikes!!! Yay!! I have my very own bike now=)) The reason I am eating my words from the fight on Tuesday, he went to his union vacation savings plan to take money out and pay cash for them, they were only open on Tuesday, hence the reason he couldn't be home in time for me to go to WW. Wow I am a bitch for saying he doesn't care=((

So then after that party we left Buffalo at midnight drove all night to my parents house in Michigan. Got there had a happy WW friendly breakfast opened presents, then Ryan and I crashed for a few hours. We woke up had a few more presents ate out Turducken(AMAZING!!), drank to much wine(my favorite kind!), had a great ww dessert, and a couple not so weight watcher friendly cookies.

Next day went out with my brother his girl friend and a few others, ate out and I was not so good, then went to one of the friends houses not so good again, but it wasn't my fault they had home made popcorn!!!

So I stayed on track I think pretty well I did not track, but I did exercise in all this. My dad introduced me to Snow shoeing! This is not easy and I was able to keep up and not embarrass myself. The first day it was easy in the sense there was only 3 inches of snow, but the walk we did was difficult. Then next 2 days there was a ton more snow, I sweat so much the inside of my jacket was soaking wet. Total amount of snow showing I did for the past 3 days was 2 hours and 40 minutes! That is 39 activity points I 3 days!

So all in all I consider this wee a success, I will know for sure tomorrow!

I missed you all and hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

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Katie J said...

Missed you too girlie girl! Glad that you had a good time with your family and what a good man your hubs is.

I want to see your bikes :-)