Thursday, January 14, 2010

2 1

So actually yesterday was day 1 and I did not work out but stayed well within my points.

For breakfast I had an apple, and a banana...3 points

Lunch was Panera, Fuji Apple salad and half an oatmeal raisin cookie...16 points

Orange and carrots for a snack...2 points

Lean Cuisine pizza for Dinner...7 points

Ice cream sandwich for night snack...2 points.

30 points used.

Today I am working out, I am really excited my sister is going to work out 4 days a week for 2 weeks no exceptions, anyone else want to do this with us. Just 2 weeks and you have to move at least 30 minutes. It sounds easy but 2 kids and work I always find excuses to not make it, I am not letting myself do that this time. So Colleen is in....anyone else?

I am returning to the first week mentality. The first week on Weight watchers I was perfect, I tracked every point, I did not eat a bite of anything, I measured my foods, and did not eat anything extra. I may have cried, pouted and wondered the worth of it all, but I stuck with it. I walked in after that first week of WW and had a huge 9 pound weight loss. That huge weight loss was all I needed to stick with the plan, for the next 10 weeks I followed the plan to perfection with 3 pound weight losses pretty regularly. Then I started slipping, and pick at things and not track, I would eat a meal and just not count it. It was all good because I was still weighing in with 2 pound losses. Then I started working out, and hadn't touched my tracker for a month, I was losing but with no consistency, some weeks .4 pounds. I started slacking even more till we got to the now, where I had 2 gains in the last 2 weeks. So I am working hard this week to stay true to the WW plan, work out, and go in to WW with the confidence I had the first 10 weeks. I will work extra had to make sure the scale is friendly this week so it gives me the re start I need. I do not expect to have a 9 pound weight loss like my first week but a good one will really help my morale=)

I wanted to thank Katie J. for my very first ever blog award I am so excited I almost cried about it. Even my sister Colleen called up excited for me....I will be doing the award in a separate post tonight. Thank you Katie J...can I give it back to you?


BEE said...

sounds like you are back on track
and doing great
looks likeyou should have a good weight loss to keep u going

Katie J said...

Awwww sweetie! You deserve it my dear and what a great sis you have! There are no rules against it so if you would like you can give it me. I am looking forward to the list of 7 things ;-)

Anonymous said...

Dad is in! Snowshoeing 5 days per week getting ready for the race on the 23rd. BTW Eat the weekly points. Don't eat the activity points. Take it from me it saves a "pork-out"

Laura said...

I'm glad you're back! We all stumble some times, don't let those few little screw ups define you! You can do it!!