Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No Pudge.

Okay I admit it I am a brownie addict. I love all brownies, back in my heavy days I would make a pan of brownies a week, and usually I would eat 2/3's of them. So for 24 weeks I have not made a single batch of brownies, I saw the No Pudge before but never bought them. Today Riley wanted to bake she asked 3 times, I figures today was the day I would try them.

We went to the store, and I looked at all the choices, Krustz, gluten free, and No Pudge, I went with the No Pudge. I will never go back!

They were amazing, I made them as cupcakes, it keeps me honest on what I eat. I made 10 cupcakes, the portion size on the box says 12. In each cup cake I put one piece of caramel, they came out absolutely wonderful, and only 3 points a cupcake.

Then I looked over the box, all ingredients were natural, unbleached flour, sugar, egg, and dutch coco. Seriously I am in love, no fat, low points and amazing taste!


karen@fitnessjourney said...

A little treat every now and again is always nice-even better when it's gluten free. I'm a chocoholic though, I don't know if I could handle knowing there were brownies in the house.

Rockin' Robin said...

Wow... sounds amazing!

Leah said...

That sounds yummy! I may have to try those myself. :)

Losing It- for real said...

I have a box of these in my cupboard! Now I need to make them!