Friday, January 1, 2010

I am the 50 degree day!

Talking to my best friend, she told me how I am right now the 50 degree day!

First off if you live and always have lived in warm weather this will not make sense, but I was born and Raised in West Michigan, and now reside in Buffalo,so this analogy is perfect for me.

The other day sitting around talking to Julia, I was telling her how everyone is telling me how great I look, and how proud they are of me, and so on and so on. I love it, and it makes me feel amazing to know I am doing this, BUT...all the complements sometimes makes me feel I am done. I am so not done, in fact I have weighed this much before and my mother (who I love and is one of my biggest cheerleaders) once saw me at the weight I am now, and told me I looked bad and needed to lose weight.

So what is the difference between that 22 year old who gained 30 pounds in one year and weighed 195, and the 31 year old who just lost 60 pounds and weighs 195??

That is where the 50 degree day comes into play.....

Winter hits hard in west Michigan and Buffalo, and when it does it often seems like there is no end in sight...then that first 50 degree day hits. It is wonderful you see people outside, people running, kids at the park, no one wears a jacket insisting it is gorgeous and no need for one. Everyone looks forward to this as the beginning, knowing warm weather is in sight.

Then the opposite of that that first 50 degree day after Summer. In this area you usually get one before the end of September. You hear people crying about how cold it is, and people bundle up and stay inside insisting it too cold for anything else. Most people look at this first 50 degree day as the first day of winter.

So that explains me right now I am neither the fat girl I once was, nor am I the thin healthy girl I want to be soon. And because I am on the losing side of this, people like my mom see this 50 degree day as a wonderful great thing with more things to come. Unlike the last time I was this weight, because I gained, she saw as a bad thing that was only going to get worse.

But unfortuantly no one dreams of 50 degree weather. That kind of weather in Buffalo is just a preview of what is too come. I right now am just the preview of what is to come...

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