Saturday, January 23, 2010


Okay so I wanted to address the size 10 jeans, someone commented about being about the same weight and not fitting in size 10's. I am 5'7 and half(the half is important), I also have no hips or butt. I never have, hips and butt have never been a problem area for me, in fact I always have worn a pants size 2 sizes smaller than my dress size. So right now I considers myself a size 12 pants, with some size 10's fitting, but dresses, I wear a size 16, with maybe a size 14 here or there that would fit.

I carry all my weight in my stomach and chest, sad thing is everyone complains about losing boobs when they lose weight, me that is the very last thing that goes=( I finally dropped 2 bra size I am no longer a 42 H, I am a 38 F.

I get excited about being able to fit in shirts. Ones that button up, because at 252 I bought a size 24 shirt, but was an 18 pants(that were extremely tight). So now at 193, I just bought a size XL shirt that fits YAY, and found a size 10 pants that are a little tight but fit. My my calculations I figure at my gaol weight of 150, I will wear a size 6 pants, and a 10 dress.

I also was pondering why 5 years ago when I met my husband, and was only about 5 pounds heavier was a size 10 so foreign, I realized because now I am 5 months into working out. I do both cardio and strength training, so while I am getting thinner I am also getting leaner. These past few months I have been more active than I have been since I played sports in high school.

So I am thrilled I am ONE pair of size 10's, but I am still a size 16 dress!


Laura said...

i carry my weight in my hips & butt, my tatas have shrunk so much. i went from a 40d to a 36b & i still have weight to lose

im guessing your body is very different from 5 years ago because your working out a lot these days

Hallie said...

Hey, just an FYI that I'm passing the Beautiful Blogger award to you. The graphic is available at my site. Rules are you're supposed to list 7 things about yourself and then pass it on to 7 other bloggers.

BEE said...

yea i figured you were much taller i am only around 5 ft so i am still 16s

you are doing amazing though a size 18 to a size amazing
keep it up

you are going to be looking like the next top model soon lol :)

5 7 is a great height

Tricia said...

Its so funny how sizes work. When I first started losing weight and was in a 24/26 it took probably 20 or more pounds before I could had to change sizes, and yet I have recently gone from a 10 to an 8 with only a 5 pound difference in weight. Crazy!

(I'm 5'8" and 159 pounds)

Laura said...

way to go! I'm a size 10 at 160lbs, so yes, sizes are a weird thing! Be proud, you're doing great!