Wednesday, January 27, 2010

P*ssed off!

Okay so I know I did not track for 2 days. But no where in that 2 days did I feel I went over board, and ate too much. In fact I have done that before with losses, my only worry is without tracking I am taking away a big weight loss, and instead usually have smaller ones in the 1-2 pound range.

Well I worked out last week and I am in week 6 of a 10 k training program, meaning I am ran 30-40 minutes 4 days last week. So I figured even if I kind of slipped I would be okay.

Well excuse this language but...F#@& this! I gained again this week. It was a small gain but still .2 up. Seriously I wanted to punch the guy. If you have ever gone to WW you know you walk in get weighed in, if you lose they smile and say congrats, if you gain the do not say anything, this guy would not make eye contact. I do not even know how this happened. I seriously am at a loss, the 2 other times I gained I was able to pin point why and when I messed up. This time I seriously can not figure how this happened.

The thing is I am mad about gaining, but mostly I am mad, for 2 other reasons. First one the entire month of January, I have lost a total of .2 pounds! That is nothing.

The second reason is, if weight loss is this hard to lose in the 190's what the hell am I going to do when I am in the 160's? And if I can gain without knowing why in the 190's, how the "bleep" am I going to maintain in the 150's?

I am not giving up I am just p*ssed, I just want to cry, eat and give up.

But I won't I will not let the 190's beat me, in fact it is now my goal to get out of them in 1 week! That means I have to lose 4 pounds this week, and damnit I will!

P.s. sorry for the language in this post, I rarely if ever swear, but if you didn't read into it I am a tad bit peeved=)


BEE said...

i totally understand what your going through right now

the 187 is hard for me right now i think ive been 187 for a month maybe 2

it sucks but dont give up eventually the numbers have to change right

The Curvaceous Conundrum said...

Stay strong honey!!!!

Leah said...

Try to stay positive! A 0.2lb gain isn't much...maybe you really lost like 0.5lb but had some extra water weight that morning. I bet if you really stay on track this next week you'll see a big loss! And I totally get you on wanting to punch the guy who weighed you in. I've done WW many times...and have come into contact with some rude people. You can do it, girl!

Katie J said...

Katie!!! You will WIN this and there are going to be weeks that are up and down but even at 1-2 lbs. a week eventually it is going to come off. I know it seems relentless sometimes! Stick to what you know works and focus on moving forward. It is not worth the heartache for the .2.

Bowmanh23 said...

You can do it! Don't give up. Beat the scale!

Beth said...

Hi Katie,

Try not to worry too much about gaining, it could be water weight. I'm sure it'll even itself out next week.

I'm not sure how you calculate your points allowance in the US (the UK version includes how many stones you weigh, but I know you don't use stones there, just pounds), but I find (and was confirmed by my leader) that if I'm close to dropping down to the next points bracket then I don't lose as much - maybe try dropping a point this week and see if it makes any difference?

Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Are you using a food scale? I'm just asking because I was reading someone else's blog where he was talking about being on a plateau and then he got a food scales. He realized that he was over-estimating the portion size and then once he started using the food scale, the weight started coming off again. (here's the link if you don't already read this blog: See the December 03, 2009 post.

But anyways, you have done an amazing job so far.

Laura said...

I seriously suggest a food scale & writing everything down.

just relax & refocus.

Dont pig out on food. refocus

Jenn said...

Ugh, I know it's frustrating!!!
I agree with Anon and Laura. Take some time to measure your food portions, make sure you're okay there. Portions can "creep" after a while, you know?
Otherwise, you may just be hitting a plateau right now. Which sucks, but it happens.
Don't give up, though!!! You'll break through!