Monday, January 25, 2010

Tomorrow's weigh in

Well this weekend I broke my 2 week rule and did not track on Saturday and sunday.

I have 1001 excuses about why I just couldn't, but all of them are pointless. So I believe I made good choices. But the scale will be the tell all tomorrow.

I also have worked out only 3 days this week. Again 1001 excuses, but all are stupid. The only thing I can say is this weeks workouts are more intense than the previous week. Today I ran/walked 47 minutes in intervals, 25 minutes of it was running.

So I falling back on hope something I swore I never would do! I hope I did enough to loose weight. I hate to hope, hope has no place in weight loss!! I feel if I step on the scale hoping it says I lost, I am screwed.

I feel I did pretty well this week, but because I did not track for 2 days I can not say for sure. So all I have left is to say I hope I did, not I KNOW I did.

I want to see the 180's and I never will if I sit hoping, that is what Fat Katie did!


BEE said...

dont be too hard on yourself
you are doing great

Miz said...

you are doing great...just stick with what youre doing and take todays weigh in as what it is:


xo xo,


Anonymous said...