Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Well it was better than the past 2 weeks, but still up

I was down 4.2 pounds.

I am still up .4 pounds from my lowest. Not bad I could probably nurse .4 pounds away, but I still kick myself because I could be will into the 180's instead of spending nearly 2 months in the 190's.

I am 193.2.


BEE said...

just keep at it
i did the same thing
i gained 13 pounds during the holidays
i would have been at least probably 180 by now because i fell off the wagon around 183 :( but we just cant look back just keep moving forward
190 right now here we are about the same it seemed at every point

we can do it

what do you want to be when you are all done

my goal is only 155 or 160

Katie J said...

Bee has a good point Katie. A loss of 4 lbs. in a week is fantastic. I envy you really... I wish I was in Onderland and pulling that kind of a weekly loss but you get out of it what you put in right?