Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 3 and 4 and 5

Okay so I have been running around life took hold for a bit. But I was good the past 3 days. I am staying true to my plan, and because I haven't blogged in 3 days I will not bore you with the lists of what I ate for 3 days. But trust me I was good I did go over on Saturday night. I needed a beer or 2 after work, and then ate 2 things I shouldn't have. But not enough to beat myself up about.

I need to work out tomorrow and have no clue when I am going to fit that in. Riley has her play date at the senior center. The little kids all get together and play in front of the elderly residents there. They love watching the kids, and some even get involved it is a wonderful thing for everyone. I can't go before that because childwatch was filled up(I called on saturday!)and after is too late, child watch ends at 1. I have to work at 5 and Ryan does not get home till 4. My only hope is that I get out before 8:30, the gym closes at 10, so if I get out before then I will have my gym bag bring it with me and stop on my way home. If not I will be working out twice on Tuesday! Once in the morning(already scheduled) and a second time before my meeting.

So that is my plan. So much to do it seems and never enough time.

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