Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 2

Technically yesterday was day 2. I worked out for 1 hour and 10 minutes, I ate enough to satisfy me but did not over eat. I ended the day slightly under my points, 6 to be exact. But I did have a second small helping of mashed potato's that I did not add so that was what I figured it to be.

Yesterday, I at a large banana for breakfast (2 points)
Veggie burger on an Arnold's thin with cheese and salsa (4 points)
Carrots (0 points)
Sugar free pudding cup (1 point)
orange (1 point)

Ryan made a dinner from the WW magazine the cube steak and mashed potato's. IT was wonderful and we split ours into 3 portions, not 4. (9 points)
Roasted asparagus, with olive oil (3 points)

I had a fiber one bar and an ice cream sandwich as snacks....(4 points)

24 points....But I hate to eat for the sake of eating. I really felt happy and satisfied.

I am also thrilled my dad and sister are pledging to work out....anyone else?


Katie J said...

I think I am going to join y'all. So 4 days a week and at least 30 mins. for the next two weeks right?

Learning to be Less said...

Girl I am right there with you! Burn it off....we can do that!