Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bored and don't want to eat...

Colleen, James and Ryan partaking in fun on the iceberg...something I could not do for 2 reasons...1.I could not pull myself up to climb it and 2. I don't have a bathing suit that fits.

My hot husband and my sister on the top of the iceberg.....next year I will join them!

Riley tubing for the first time with daddy.

Riley Kayaking for the first time....with daddy.

My dad Mom, and Riley cooking

Colleen, my mom and Riley eating cake I turned down=)

Me giving Sophie a bath....how come rolls on a baby are adorable, rolls on me not so cute?

A baby cow that was born the same day as Sophie.

Daddy and Riley and cows at the dairy farm.
So I am doing 2 things here....first figuring out how to blog pictures(I can't figure out how to post this on the top) and second showing you my thin family, and all the things I missed doing this year because of the extra weight. For the first time ever I did not water ski, I wasn't sure if I could pull myself up so I just did not bother. I didn't go on the tube with Riley because I didn't want anyone to see me in a swim suit. I am not saying this for a pity party just reasons I want to keep on this journey.
Today I went to Wegman's and bought all healthy stuff, I had fresh fruits veggies, every carb was whole grain, and the only treats were skinny cow ice cream. I am on a weight loss high, I have lost 12.8 pounds in 2 weeks, I am worried what will happen when I slow down
I just want to thank my readers again your silent support is what I hope will get me through the slow weeks that will eventually come.

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