Sunday, August 16, 2009

Reasons to loose weight

-For the girls, I want to run and play with them for hours.
-I want to pass on healthy eating habits to Riley and Sophie, so they never struggle with weight as I do.
-To have my husband find me as hot as i find him!
-So my mom stops giving me that look that says "are you really going to eat that"
-So I am not the fat one in the family
-I want to wear a dress, and look good.
-I want to wrap a towel around me when I get out of the Shower.
-I want to fit in a tub.
-If/when I get pregnant strangers will ask me when I am due.
-I want to shop for style, not just buy things because they fit.
-I want to shop in non-plus/women's clothes.
-I want to wear and look good in a bathing suit.
-So my mother-in-law will stop saying things like "its all in your boobs" or "your just big boned"
-SO I stop thinking everyone else thinks "why is Ryan with such a fatty"
-I want to stop avoiding mirrors.
-I want to stop avoiding being IN pictures.
-For health, Diabetes and heart disease run in the family.
-So I am not 70 pounds heavier that Ryan.
-So I can beat Ryan at tennis.

I have this list on my fridge and I am sure I will be adding more reasons. But this is the start of why, I am hoping all these reasons will help me stay away from falling off the wagon. I keep telling myself I will NEVER be able to eat like I used to, and it scares me. Food has been a friend, a comfort, a hobby, and an enjoyment for me, and now it is going away. So I am sad scared and hope that the reasons I listed over power the pull/addiction I have to food.


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