Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In Michigan

I am currently in Michigan visiting my parents. WW is going very well here since my dad is on it as well. He has lost over 60 pounds in 6 months, so he gives me hope!

Our trip here (colleen, the girls, and myself) was eventful my 2 year old got car sick, we pulled over to clean her and the car up and found a Pita Pit restaurant, we ate there. Then for dinner it was my dad's amazing cooking of pasta and shrimp oh it was sooooo good! All that and I stayed UNDER my points.

Today I ate out again thinking my lunch was a good one and it ended up costing me 14 points, the salad, which sounded good turned out not to be so good with 8 points on that alone! Plus I had some left over pasta for breakfast( it was THAT good). So I am reaching my limit, but I should be okay just a light dinner and I will be fine.

Well that is all going on here I am still on a 9.2 weight loss high that feels amazing. I just hope to fit in 16's soon. How horrible is it that I can't wear a size 16....soon I will be there and then 14, 12, 10's and then get the picture.

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