Friday, August 28, 2009

Diet Coke thing ever!!!

Okay so my dad gave me this recipe, I was a little hesitant but I tried it. Seriously it was so good i can't wait to make it again!

1 can of diet coke
1/2 cup of ketchup
and chicken breast(as many as you want)

that is the basic just brown the chicken...put aside and pour the ketchup and diet coke together bring to a boil put the chicken back in and let simmer for an hour covered up.

Now I added some extra thanks to my dad's suggestion. I put some brown rice in it and some onions and green peppers. Oh the rice was to die for and the chicken so tender it was falling apart to the touch. I did something weight watchers tells you to avoid and ate till I was stuffed and still only used 12 points( I ate 2 portions!)

Seriously recommend this to anyone wanting to loose weight or not!

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