Monday, August 24, 2009

Home now

So it has been a couple days. We had two big family parties with lots of good food. The first day I did very very well even turn downed the cake. I also didn't go out with My sister, brother and husband so I was not even tempted to have beer and appetizers. Then day 2 of the party came and for dinner I was fine....till my cousins brownies and my aunt's cookies sat there calling my name. I ate one of each=( But I did not use any flex points this week and figure that those 2 items easily account for all of the flex points. You know it is funny being held accountable for those two things kept me from eating only 1 of each, in past days it easily could have been sooo much more, 3 or 4 cookies, 2 or 3 pieces of brownie all in one day. I was so good about hiding it, I would eat one at a time, and always made sure no one ever saw me eat, I would hide in bedrooms to eat them. Oh how I hope to break those old bad habits.

So parties are over my sister left to go home, now I will be back blogging to keep from boredom eating. It is not too bad every time i want to eat I try to picture myself skinny, and sometimes it works, luckily I only really see my cousin and aunt's tempting brownies 1 time a year!

So soon I will start my triathlon training, tomorrow I am going to do my first run! I will tell you how that turns out, oh and tomorrow is also weigh in day......

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