Monday, August 31, 2009


I went out to eat, and ate well. I ordered the veggie omelet(egg substitute), with fruit as my side. The funny thing is this table of very fit people next to us all had ordered the exact same thing, it felt like I chose right. I also watched my husband eat bacon, hash browns, eggs, and pancakes, and didn't cry, pout or really even wish I could eat it. He had just worked an over time shift doing manual labor he earned it....I didn't!

So I re read my post yesterday and I felt a couple of things I want to clear up....I don't mean I hate all thin people, because I don't, what I hate is that I thought in my head how unfair it was they could eat whatever they wanted and never gain weight. I seemed to think every person that was thin got it by genetics. Stupid I know! We all have that friend that tells us "I can eat whatever I want." I just realized sure they can, but they don't eat as much as I did, they exercise, and they don't eat it all. I have a good friend I work with, she is very thin, and we would split nachos every now and then, and I would always think how unfair it was she could eat nachos with me and still look great, what I now realize looking back, she would only eat maybe a quarter(if that) of the plate. Me I would eat all the rest.

So I do not hate thin people, I hate the misconception that I used to have of them. Now I realize 99% of them work hard to look that good. So next year I can't wait to join the people that have worked to have a great body, not sat wishing for one.


Laura (muffin mommy) said...

You're doing a great job! I'm excited to follow along as you continue to lose weight! You've inspired me!

athinnerkatie said...

Thank you, I am just trying to stay on track. The more that read the blog the more I feel accountable to not fail.