Friday, August 21, 2009

Still on vacation

Today my husband comes in YAY, later we are going out drinking, have to save a few points for that! I have only used 10.5 so far today, and I found my new favorite snacks, Quaker caramel rice cakes Oh MY sooo good. Also thanks to my dad I found the Arnold's thin sandwich bread things, they are very good I had one with an egg this morning.

So far things are going good, I am excited to weigh in on Tuesday, I know I won't have another 9.2 pound week but I am hoping for a 2-4 pounds maybe.

So I realized I am the abnormal one in my family. My dad dropped 66 pounds, and my brother lost 100 pounds, and my mom is looking skinny, and well Colleen is and always has been thin, I am the fat one! Colleen used to be the odd one by being thin in a family that was pretty much all overweight, and out of shape. Now not only is everyone thin they all bike a ton, run in the mornings, and just darn right put me to shame. It is a good thing I have very cute kids because otherwise I don't think they would let me in!

I just keep telling myself soon I too will fit in.....The triathlon is all that much more of a goal now!

Fat Katie signing out!

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