Thursday, August 27, 2009

Getting excited about new foods!

I learned at my WW meeting last night that there are 2 kinds of people, People who live to eat, and People who eat to live. I have always been a person who lives to eat! I get so excited about food, going grocery shopping is actually something I would look forward to, all the yummy food (most of what I can't even eat any more). If I knew I was going out I would think all day about what i was going to order, and when the time came I was so excited. Sunday mornings were my favorite my husband would let me sleep in and him and Riley would go out early get donuts for us. You get the idea? My life centered around food.

Well now I have to change the foods I get excited about, I can still enjoy grocery shopping but no more chocolate chip muffins, cookies or anything else that tempted me, now I have to find new things to get excited about. Yesterday I found peaches 99 a pound, I saw pears on sale, and I found a new favorite chipolte hummus and pita bread. True its not the same as what I used to eat but I feel better after eating an apple, much better than after I ate an entire sleeve of Oreo cookies. I am avoiding eating out still, it will be to much of a temptation but shopping is getting easier and eating well is not THAT hard, but I still miss foods.

The hard part is telling myself that I can and will NEVER eat the way i used to. Its is kind of like when I quit smoking I would tell myself over and over I will never have another cigarette again, 1 will never be okay. I still crave them but it gets easier everyday, and now I feel better because I don't stink, I am healthier, and the cigarettes don't control me any more. I can't wait till I can say the same thing about my food addiction, I don't want food to be the thing I enjoy the most. I want to be a person that eats to live.....not live to eat!

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