Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Should be cleaning!

But I am not. both girls are napping and I already started my snacking, I really have to stop that. I ate green beans and 2 fiber chocolate bars(soooo good), not bad snacking but still if I wasn't here I would eat more!

I did very well today, I ate an egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast only 4 points. I took Riley to story time at Barnes and Noble, and I didn't get lunch there nothing really was healthy, so I bought Riley a rice crispy treat, half is still in the diaper bag(that i left in the car so I would not even be tempted). For lunch I had a banana, pita, and chipolte hummus...and then I of course over snacked=(

Today I am going to the weight watcher meeting, I missed it yesterday just as I was walking out the door, Riley decided to take Sophie out of her swing....a 2 year old and a 12.5 pound baby do not mix. So I will make it up today. I am also searching out gyms to join I am leaning toward just joining the YMCA, they have everything I need plus free child care.

Good news of the day is that I tried on a pre Sophie pair of jeans and YAY they fit! And I wasn't totally squeezed in either, by the end of the week they should fit just perfect. I also have a pair of Khaki's that I hope will fit in 2 weeks! I can't wait to not own any clothes that fit me will be a long time I still have all my 10's I have not worn in years.

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