Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Not a Diet, a life style change!

So I have a really great Mother in law she is the sweetest kindest woman I have ever met! But I hate that she makes excuses for me, and she is constantly trying to feed me. Like the day I came home after loosing 9.2 pounds she tells me I earned a cupcake, when I politely tell her no, she insists till thankfully my husband almost yelled at her telling her I won't eat a cupcake. When Ryan promised me an entire wardrobe of clothes when I reach a size 6, she told him I could not reach it I just have a big body type and look at my shoulders they are just too wide to ever be a size 6. I know she was just trying to be supportive but really tell me the last time you saw a fat person with a petite frame it is just an oxymoron. She also keeps telling me that "you just had two kids" and yes that is true but so have a lot of my friends and they did not become 100 pounds overweight. I can be a size 6, and I will be, I don't have a large frame I have a normal one, I doubt I will ever be a size 0, but a size 6 is something I once was and will be again.

I have heard a lot of people that have struggled with obesity say that it has been a struggle all there lives, that is not so for me. True I was never super tiny but I have been 8/10's in recent times. I look back at pictures of me at those times and think wow I looked pretty good, the irony is that I thought I was fat then. I even join WW years ago when I was a size 12, I never followed it seriously, but I lost 20 pounds then quit. Now I am a size 18/16 depending on the pants, and I am looking at the mountain of 88 pounds still to loose...argh its such a large number its scary.

So here I am babbling at night to keep from eating, I guess the whole point of this was to say people tell me things to help me justify my own weight, I am sick of it I am fat, I don't want excuses I want support with loosing weight don't offer me a cupcake as a reward, just say congrats! Don't make excuses for me because I did that for years and now because I let myself do that i have 100 pounds to loose.

I hope this post made some kind of sense.

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