Friday, August 14, 2009


SO it is night and the kids are in bed, now is the time I usually snack, and snack, and snack. Plus it was a really difficult day, it was so hot that I only had Riley outside for about 2 hours, and Sophie was cranky for most of it, so I couldn't even really play. Ryan was gone all day, he had to work at 6 am, then right after work he went to his uncle's house to help put his new roof on, argh so I was mad at him, for no good reason.

So I am so tempted to raid the fridge, I did eat 3, 1 point carrot cakes....which when you eat 3 it means they are now 5.5 points, not 3 points=( SO no snacking for me. I have my 35 flex points still but I am waiting to us them for this weekend. My little sister is coming in from San Fransisco YAY! We are hitting up Maid of the Mist tomorrow, the Fair on Sunday, and a Bison's game on Monday. I think all extra points need to be saved for then.

This is really hard and I am only on day 3, I don't think I realized how bad I really truly ate. Even without the binge eating I would sometimes do I ate horrible! I had 10 points left for dinner and Ryan wanted to order out for something, and there was NOTHING I really could order, so I ended up with a turkey pita and Ryan went to bed, eating nothing.

I guess that is enough babbling for now, Thanks to the people that read this, I need the accountibility this gives me!

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