Monday, November 23, 2009

Broken chair

I was reading Diane's blog about her broken chair and got me thinking about what happened to me.

This summer I would "play" outside with Riley pretty much that involved me sitting in a chair watching Riley play. I would use the excuse that I had Sophie, a newborn sleeps most of the time, I could have put her in her car seat, bouncy seat or on a blanket, but I didn't I would hold her and have Riley play around me. One day after pushing Riley in the swing I got my chair opened it up, sat, and the chair ripped in half with my arse falling to the ground. It had to be funny, if anyone had seen. My large arse fallen in my arms and legs out and me stuck(the baby was sleeping inside).

I chalked it up that the chair was worn out from being outside, that is what weakened the material. I too put the blame on so much else, when my husband saw it I made a joke of it, he knew, and I knew. Every time I sat in a chair after that I worried it would break. That incident did not start my journey though.

Now I look back and see that 250+ woman and know my weight is what broke that chair. Funny thing is now instead of sitting in chairs outside I actually play with Riley. I chase her around and the only time I sit is because Sophie needs to nurse.

I am glad some of those things happened, they remind me that I am doing this for so many reasons.


Katie J said...

Amen Miss Katie, Amen!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Well something good came of it. I'm sure your daughter loves having you involved in her playtime.