Thursday, November 19, 2009

Too popcorn or not....

So today like many desprate housewives I am going to see the New Moon premier with friends. I am a dork who loves the books, even though I do love Jacob so much more than Edward.

But before like most girls night out we are grabbing dinner, we haven't decided where so I know what I will order at, Chili's, Friday's, Olive Garden, those are the 3 places closest to the theater so I figure we will be hitting up one of them. But I am not sure that if you read far enough back and know my love of movie popcorn. I seriously could eat movie popcorn and only movie popcorn for the rest of my life, with butter of course. I will have to touch into my flex points to have that small movie popcorn, and to stay full for the day. I am working out today but that is to work off the cookie yesterday. If I didn't eat that cookie yesterday I would definatly get popcorn. But I really really really want to lose 2.2 pounds this week and I want to take zero chance that I won't. So that means staying on plan. And unfortunatly eating popcorn does not include that plan. So I guess I talked myself out of it. I want to be skinny more than I want Movie Popcorn. WOW that is a first.

So there it is this blogging worked today, I was able through this post decide that I will not eat Movie popcorn, tomorrow I will let you know if the smell wins and I stick with that plan=)


SunflowerDaisies said...

I'm going to see the movie too, on Saturday. I read the books also. I'm not a die hard fan, but I do like them pretty well.
It's hard not to resist having popcorn. I have to chew gum or have spearamint lifesavors. Seems to help some.

athinnerkatie said...

Oh excellent Idea thanks!!!!!

Daisy said...

Good thinking on avoiding the popcorn. This morning they have a new report out. 1 med movie popcorn and 1 med soda = 3 Micky D's 1/4 pounders + 12 pats of butter = over 1600 cals = 60 grams of saturated fat

And, I love movie popcorn. This is a sad day, indeed.

Katie J said...

You could smuggle in some air popped popcorn in your jacket ;-)

Movie popcorn is E-V-I-L!

Anonymous said...

I was going to also recite the latest:
Two Thumbs Down' for Movie Popcorn
Medium popcorn and soda = 3 Quarter Pounders and 12 pats of butter.

Pop some Jolly Time 1 point before the show :)