Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My big brother

So thanks to James my big brother I now can leave comments, and see who my new followers are (HI!!). So I am very excited about all that.

Now listening to James is not all bad, this may make up for the time he told me I could just steer a sled through the trees...btw I could not and now have a scar were I received 12 stitches because a tree hit me.

My big brother is pretty amazing too. I told you all about my dad I want to give you a quick bit about my brother. He is hilarious, sarcastic and the change he made in is his life is crazy. He does this biking called cycle cross, it is pretty crazy you can read about it at his blog here (do NOT click on the link about Tibetan me DON'T!)

But this is not the James that always was, he was overweight for most of his late teen years all the way through his 20's. But not only did he just lose weight he became this crazy insane biker. This year he rode his bike to my parents cottage...350 miles there, and 350 miles back...he rode his bike 700 miles in one week. I think he earned a few weight watcher points with that.

He also told me the story of how he really wanted a cinnamon roll, so what did he do....rode his bike 90 miles there to get one, okay he said he ate 4 but you ride 180 miles you deserve 4.

Soon ski season will be here and he will probably ski to my parents for Christmas or something crazy like that. The past couple of years I see my brother as a different person, he is now the fit person in our family(sorry Colleen). I know I will never be James, but I would like to do a triathlon with my big brother next year(or at sometime in the future). I will never not beat him, but if I really work on the run maybe I could make up for his biking speed..hmmmm something to strive for=)

Oh one last thing before I go, people are noticing. So many people ask how I am doing it, compliment me, tell me what looks thinner. It almost is too much...almost.


James said...

And don't forget ladies- he's single! And only moderately creepy! :)

athinnerkatie said...

Don't let him fool ya...he is single and (this is weird to say about your brother) good looking.

You just have to like long bike rides, beer, and living 100 miles from any sort of civilization. And if you want to see civilization you have to ride a bike to it.