Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Girls are in bed.

Sorry for the quick posts lately. I haven't been bad just not as good as the few weeks I lost 3 -5 pounds. I feel better though I feel the motivation coming back. I don't fight the urge to binge all the time right now. So laying off sugar was a positive thing.

But I will tell you it won't last for too long, the week I decided I would take a break from it, was the week Wegmans put there Weight watcher Ice cream on clearance. Not all of it but the ice cream cones, ice cream sandwiches, and little single ice cream servings. All for 1.50 and to ad too it weight watchers is giving out coupons, 55 cents off, which they then double! So I was paying 40 cents for weight watcher ice cream. I didn't go totally insane but I do have 7 boxes of ice cream in my deep freezer. Oh and I bought fat free caramel dip for my apple addiction. I promised myself this week if I work out I can have either a caramel apple, or an ice cream. I still have to stay within my daily points!

Not sure if I ever mentioned this but I never watched the Biggest Loser in past years...mainly because I didn't want to think about weight so I ignored anything that had to do with losing weight. Well this year since I started my journey around the time the show started I watch it every Tuesday, ironically also my weigh in day! I just have to say I think it is starting to annoy me to no end. I like Shay and want to root for her, but if I was still in college, I would make a drinking game every time she cries I would make people drink, by the end of the show EVERYONE would be drunk. Then to add to that I would also make everyone drink every time a contestant or trainer shamelessly plugs a product...seriously who says some of the stuff they say. Anyone else have any annoyances about the show? Or am I alone on this.


Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

Great job on the weight loss! And I too have my freezer stocked full of some ice cream treats from when Kroger had Breyers on sale for $2.27 and then with a coupon it was really inexpensive! But I don't eat much of it and it's a nice small dessert for the kids too.

I watched BL the first season, and then just occasionally after that. This year I watched the 1st episode but didn't like all the screaming and emotions. For me, that made me sadder for the people than I already felt!

Anonymous said...

Tim hates when the women cry. especially when Abby was still on (the woman who lost her entire family) and i yelled at him for making fun of her cuz that's so tragic the woman is allowed to cry. But yes the product plugs are annoying! I think tim even mentioned making it a drinking game as well...i just like to watch to see what the people look like after losing the weight.