Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Good week not Great

Down 2.2 pounds. I hit 50 pounds lost, but still 2 pounds from being under 200. I will get that next week!

But YAY for 1/2 way to my goal.

Oh and I can put off taking a picture in the sports bra for 1 more week.


Katie J said...

Wooooot! Wooooot! 50 lbs. is a GREAT achievement Miss Katie! That picture is right around the corner.

Onederland seems pretty darn far for me but I am thrilled for YOU!!

Sara said...

AWESOME. 50 lbs lost!! you will get through thanksgiving, even if 'old' habits take hold on thursday during one meal, you will be so much more in control the next morning because now you know what you're actually capable of. enjoy your 50 lb loss and have an amazing weekend!