Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving anxiety.

So this week I am going to be facing my first holiday of eating right, the anxiety I am feeling is insane. I have a mother in law with the best of intentions, she is also a great cook, but everything is loaded with fat and butter, she actually said she thinks Paula Dean uses too LITTLE butter.

That is where I am going for Thanksgiving, Mashed Potatoes loaded with whole cream and butter, stuffing with even more butter, Green bean casserole made with bacon fat to "add more flavor", gravy that is pure fat, and 6 different pies, The only thing she makes on thanksgiving that is weight watcher friendly is the turkey. I have a plan I bringing a green bean casserole of my own from a weight watcher cookbook, I am also bringing an apple crisp from the WW magazine. But that still doesn't help the anxiety. It is the fist time I will be facing down loads and loads of food, food I would eat 2-3 servings of in previous years. Then follow up with 1/4 of a pie. This year I have a plan, I am just worried, what if the fat ass Katie takes over?

I really wish my parents were coming in and I could make the dinner myself, I could make everything WW friendly, but that will be next year. This year I just have to stick to the plan. I wish I just could get rid of this pit in my stomach, I wish I could just skip over telling my Mother in law, "no, no thank you" 500 times.

Weigh in day is today so I will let you all know later if it is a good, or a great week.


Becca55 said...

I think we all have thanksgiving anxiety. Great that you have a plan and I know that you will stick to it. It will be hard being surronded by all that food. There may be things you want to stay away from and some things you can have a small serving of. Good luck I know you can do this!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

That is both hilarious and sad that your MIL thinks Paula Deene uses too little butter. What a great plan to bring two dishes with you. Fill that plate with vegetables and turkey and maybe do a little workout the night before/morning of Thanksgiving. The new Katie is soooo much stronger than the old Katie.

Sara said...

i completely relate. going to my fiance's parents house and the cooking style is similar, plus the alcohol and packaged/processed foods everywhere, appetizers, icecream, etc. HOWEVER, the antijared wrote a good post about three days (halloween, t-day, and xmas day) NOT making anyone put on 10-20 or even 5 lbs, it's how we are on the days around them. i for one will workout hard today and tomorrow, take a walk on t-day, and try not to indulge all weekend, then BACK to plan monday. you have lost an amazing amt of weight, so just keep thinking of that and getting back on track monday.