Monday, November 2, 2009


Things Have been going okay. Yesterday was a great fall day so I took Riley for a run in the jogging stroller/bike trailer. She had a blast and kept yelling at me to go faster. I could prbably finish a 5k in 30 minutes with her in the stroller. To bad the turkey trot does not allow them=(

Speaking of the turkey trot, my friend Gretchen had to bow out, she hurt her knee, so that leaves Ryan running it with me. It will either be super fun to have Ryan or he will piss me off so much we won't talk the rest of the day. It is a toss up my husband is in amazing shape, at my fattest I am sure(and even know in some cases) people wondered what he was doing with me. He is very fit is the point, he can run 8 minute miles without even working at it, he just runs that as his slow speed. So if he thinks that is what I will be able to do he will be disappointed, and I will think I am not good enough, and a fight could happen. Or he will run with me say I am doing great and cheer me on, motivate me but not annoy me, and we will finish faster than I excpected and I will rave he is the best husband ever.

So I am a little worried about how it will go.

Diet has been going well, but truth time will be tomorrow.....

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