Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day by day...

So it has been going good, I can't say great but day by day has not been too bad. I have stayed within my points for the past 3 days, but I still have not worked out. I worked the past two days, one day food running so that counts for something, right??

I am also excited because yesterday at work I wore pants that fit me, and a shirt that my friend Julia gave me when she left for France(that finally fits YAY), and 5 people said something about my weight loss. For the first time in this journey people that had no idea that I was even losing weight noticed it. One manager even asked if I was sick because I lost so much weight in a short time. Dana is now my favorite manager!!

So I am feeling pretty good, but it was slow yesterday and I found my self grabbing fallen french fries. I really need electric shock therapy at work....every time I grab a french fry I get electrocuted=)

So today I will be hitting up the gym, but I did make a yummy big breakfast, eggs, ham, and potato's....12 points total...but oh it was good! For lunch I will have fruit and a veggie burger, and dinner is chicken fajitas. I will end up well below my point value if I stay on plan.

I am taking Riley trick or treating, but I learned of this wonderful plan by a local dentist. On Monday we take all the candy she doesn't want to this dentist, turn it in, Riley gets prizes, for every pound turned in. Then all the candy is sent to the troops in Iraq. So that is were all the extra candy is going. I will let Riley have her M&M's, I will let Ryan pick a few of his favorites to keep in the car....the rest will go to Iraq=)

PS I have no idea why comments are not working...if anyone can tell me what to do is my email...thank you!...edited to add guess it works now!


SunflowerDaisies said...

I had french fries yesterday for the first time in a long time. It's hard sometimes, that those comfortable habits can come back so quickly. Congrats on the weight loss comments. Those are always nice.

Anonymous said...

Hey Katie!
Just thought I'd check out your blog - and I've decided to give weight watchers online a try. I think you're doing an amazing job, and maybe next summer we can both go to the beach together. Keep it up!
Joelle :)