Saturday, October 3, 2009

New toy and 220 pictures!

My pictures from 220. I promised to take pictures every 10 pounds so I could see a difference, you know I don't see it in these yet.
Oh and the the first picture is the new trailer/jogging stroller. I am so excited I put it together today when it was nice outside, told Riley we would go for a ride when daddy got home and could take Sophie, she is too small for it right now. Unfortunately by the time Ryan came home, it was raining AGAIN!
I also made an awesome dinner, so good for me and so good tasting. I made veggie marinara pasta. I loaded up the marinara with zucchini both yellow and green, green peppers, and onion, added fat free mozzarella cubes, and put it over angel hair pasta. I ate so much, and still only used 11 points for dinner. For lunch I had a banana, and turkey sandwich. Breakfast was an apple and yogurt. I ate a fiber bar, 100 calorie hostess cakes as my snacks. And late night dessert of Smart Ones brownie sundae. And I have only used 29 points, I am going to go to bed with 9 still available. I am not hungry, so I will not eat for the sake of eating!
Tomorrow I am going to the gym early in the morning to work off a few more Popcorn spurge points. And then I have to go to work=(

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Anonymous said...

You look great! I can see a differece!

Michele from MM board