Monday, October 26, 2009

Getting better at this running thing=)

I ran a 5k on the treadmill in 37.23 minutes, 25.23 I ran. I also am picking up the speed of what I run before i was doing 5 miles per hour, now I am running at 5.5, and walking at 4.3 mph.

So the exercise didn't suffer horribly because the girls were sick and I could not take them to child watch. I am 100% sure I chose the right gym if you remember I was deciding between 2 gyms, I chose the more expensive one with child watch I am so glad I did. These past 2 weeks with the sick girls Ryan had excuses 3 days of why he couldn't watch the kids and I could not work out. I love him but if I had joined the cheaper gym I am sure I would be lucky to work out 2 days a week.

Oh I am happy to announce the dress I talked about in this post. No longer fits, it is too small=)) YAY!!!

I also went and tossed all my old clothes out, well I actually gave them to my sister in law, told her if she can't use them then just throw them out. I don't want any 20's or 18's to ever be in the house again!! Size 16's are pretty much working there way out the door as well, I would say mid November they too will be out for good.

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A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare said...

WOWOWOWOW that time is impressive! Awesome job!