Thursday, October 1, 2009

Advice from my big brother

Thanks James ! He wrote something very true in my comments when I whined about Ryan. Relationships change when you change. He wrote it much better than that but that is the can read it yourself. So I told Ryan what I needed I am a woman and sometimes, wrongly, I expect Ryan to read my mind. To just do things, sure I wish he would think of things on his own but this time I told him. This is a change for him. He may be in great shape but he had to make changes to accommodate me, and most of them he did not complain about. Sooo we talked, okay I talked, and I think he now understands the role I need him to take in all this.

Will Ryan ever jump up and down giddy with excitement for me? No, but I think he will now show a little more excitement/pride in me when I lose. He will also be there for me if I stumble. I love my husband he is really a great guy, and with me making these changes I think he got a little worried that I wouldn't be the same Katie. But even if I do become more confident, more sure of myself, I will still always need him, he is my anchor, my sail, my starboard and my port....okay he will find that funny not sure if anyone else will get it=)

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