Thursday, October 1, 2009

Spinning kicked my ass HARD!

Okay just when I was starting to feel great about the weight loss and happy I could walk 5 miles with out issue...I took a spinning class! If I needed a reminder that I am still fat and I still have a ton of work to do this was it. I realized 10 minutes into the 35 min class that there was absolutely no way I was going to keep up, so I made my goal to just keep pedaling non stop through the class, and try.

So I did, standing and pedaling is the hardest for me I think the huge amounts of extra weight I carry make it extra hard. I pushed through some of it, but to be honest most of the time I just pedaled at a medium resistance, hard enough that my legs were burning, and I had massive amounts of sweat pouring down my face. Then after that class I made myself hop on a treadmill for 15 min/100 calories/1 mile...I had to reach at least all those goals before I would get off, and you know I did it was kind of funny, I got them all around the same time too. So that was my work out. And Riley and Sophie did very well in Childcare so that was nice. Riley even came to visit me when I was biking she even said "mommy i saw you exercising, mommy on the bike exercising" it was cute to me=)

So about my whine yesterday, I was thinking my poor husband has it so hard too. He has this fine line between supporting the weight loss and keeping from saying how bad I let myself get. To be fair he can't tell me I am fat, and he also has to walk the tight rope , because hell I am a woman, and I would get mad at him if he focuses on my getting skinny, because then "you didn't love me when I was fat" would more than likely come up. So I do have to lay off him, he is the one that takes care of all the money each month, so I don't have to worry about it. But I will work an extra day or 2 a month and give him the money so he will feel better about that. I love him and I know he loves me, I married him knowing he is not the romantic flowers, cards, and candy type of guy, he is the guy that shows his love and rarely says it. Sure I sometimes wish he had a romantic side, but i once had romance and turned out its not all its cracked up to be when you get flowers but the heat or electric is turned off because someone "forgot" to pay it. I definitely love the security my husband gives me and sure his cheapness annoys me at times, but he does keep everything in order, and I will never have to worry about a bill not being paid with Ryan around.

So if you know my husband you know he has a good heart, a wicked sense of humor, honest, loyal and is a wonderful cook, but sensitive, romantic, are 2 things he definitely isn't. but like my mom when I do lose the weight and when the time comes he says "you are looking good" I know he will not be blowing smoke out my ass he means it! And sometimes I have to appreciate that Ryan never says things he doesn't mean.

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