Saturday, October 3, 2009

55 points yesterday!

Wow yesterday was a day I fell off the wagon, and used my flex points galore! Now I get 38 points a day, so it wasn't totally crazy. How did this happen? Well I was good ate a normal amount of food all day, then at night my husband and I had a rare date night. We went to see The Invention of Lying. Now I LOVE movie popcorn, my idea of heaven would be movie popcorn for breakfast lunch and dinner....LOVELOVELOVE it! Get the idea, I am so obsessed with it that movies don't get me excited its the popcorn at the movies I get excited about, so now you understand my love for it.

So I did it, I paid my 12 dollars for a "medium" popcorn...17 points! I will say that I only ate about half of it, I gave it to Ryan to keep me from mindlessly eating it. But it did have butter, delicious so bad for you butter Mmmmm. So yeah, then Ryan and I went out for appetizers and beer. Well I skipped the appetizers and had 3 beers, another 6 points. So 23 points of NOTHING!

So today I went and worked out, I pushed myself on the treadmill. I even ran, my heart rate went up so high the machine started "yelling" at me. I then biked some, and did the elliptical. I did a 75 minute work out. And all i got out of it is 8 points! So that means tomorrow before work I am going to work out again, and if I do it Monday and Tuesday I can earn back that 23 points before weigh in.

Yes I shouldn't have done it but at the same time, it was worth it to me. And I have never not once gone over my points value for the week. And even with this I still haven't, I want to make up the flex points I used with activity ones, mainly because I want to loose big, have a 2lb+ weight loss this week. I really really want to be under 200 by thanksgiving and when my parents get here.

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