Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Today I see the damage.

Today is weigh in day. The week has not been my best, I ate crap all day Wednesday. Then 2 sick babies kept me from working out(stupid excuse!!), I only worked out 3 days. I can't say I ate bad but I definitely was not as diligent as I should have been. I went over my weekly 35 points, and only had 18 activity points.

So today I will more than likely have a weight gain, it will be interesting to see how much 1 bad week will hurt. I have no idea why I let myself do this, it is not like it was a party week, or a holiday, or that I had a bad weigh in week last week, because none of those are true. I will say this regardless of what the scale says I have some things I will do differently this week.

1. I will work out 5 days, no excuses!

2.I will not buy weight watcher 1 point bars(I ate the entire box in 2 days again!)

3. I will eat more "green diamond" foods(it is a weight watcher thing)

4. I will work on controlling portion sizes. Eat seconds of veggies and salad not the main course.

Today was the start of my new week, I ate fruit for breakfast, a chicken salad loaded with veggies, 1/3 a chicken breast, salsa, and yogurt ranch for lunch. I will have some veggies as my later snack, then I am going to work out when Ryan gets home. Then it will be time to pay the piper, and step on the scale. I feel bad I am resorting to no extra sodium(aka no smart one meals or soup), I will wear khakis instead of jeans. I once said if I have to resort to tricks and hope the scale is forgiving I didn't work hard enough. It is so true this week I have never dreaded a weigh in day more.

To be continued


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Sometimes it's demoralizing that one bad week is so much worse than one super-duper week is good, but them's the rules of this game. Good luck getting your mojo back and stringing together some good days. The good thing about bad-week gains is that the extra lbs usually come off pretty easy...

Allison (Eat Clean Live Green) said...

Good luck today! Even if it doesn't go great, remember that one week doesn't make or break you :)

Jenn said...

Hopefully it won't be too bad!
Try not to let it get to you if it's a gain - just work on it this week, and you'll be back on the losing streak.