Thursday, October 29, 2009


So I don't know what is going on with me. I really need to snap out of the funk I am in! I didn't have any clean work out clothes so I didn't go again...Tuesday, Wednesday, and now Thursday I have made excuses. Even as I am typing this I am trying to justify it in my head.

Not only did get out of my workout groove. I also have been cheating myself. I am sure it is obvious to anyone who follows my blog, I can lose consistently 2+ pounds a week, last 2 weeks have been 1.6 and then a small .4, here is the truth I have been sneaking food. I bought candy corn, and every time I walked past the bowl I grabbed a handful, just to let you know I threw away the rest. I also bought a ton of weight watcher ice cream. The 3 point candy bars are amazing....a little to amazing I have eaten 2 and half boxes in 1 week. Not to mention I have been grabbing a bag of my husbands sun chips. To top it all off I have only been tracking about 50% of these things.

I want to say that it stops now, and mean it. I have no idea why I am slumping like this. In fact my husband had to enter the dinner in for me last night. For the first time in 12 weeks he took this active interest because he sees it happening. I need help from you all that have been there done do I snap out?

I have yet to gain any weight but I know myself, if I continue on this path it won't be long till I am so far gone I will just give up yet again.

so the rest of this week I am going to take it like I did my first week. One day at a time. I started this morning with pancakes, lite syrup and banana....4.5 points, Lunch I am going to the mall with Riley for trick or treating, I will go to subway, and get the Buffalo chicken sub. One day at a time right now....