Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Congrats to my dad!!

I just want to say congrats to my dad, he is the one that started me on the journey. Today he called me with the great news that he reached goal!!!!! I am so excited for him, not just that this is the size he was when he played High School football, but also health wise. He was at his Doctor and everything is down for him. To me the weight loss for my dad is great but to know he is now so much healthier, and with us for longer makes me get a little teary eyed. We are not a touchy feely family, but this makes me wish I lived closer so I could give him a big hug. I am so glad he encouraged me to do this, it is because of my parents that I really had to look in the mirror and see myself for what I was. It hurt at the time but it feels so great to be doing something about it.

I did only lose .4 pounds, but these past 2 weeks have been a bit slacking, at the gym I have only been running. Only 5 points of exercise a day, which I only did 3 days of. I also dipped into my extra points this week. I also have to stop the sugar, for 10 weeks I was able to control it, lately with sales on both weight watcher ice cream, and the 1 point bars at meetings, I have been eating way too much. So tomorrow when I go shopping its back to tons of fruits and veggies.

Here are a few before and after pictures of my dad...

March 2008

March 2009 him 3 months into weight watchers.

And finally a picture of him from August of 2009. I wish I had a more recent one but you can see the huge transformation here still.


Miz said...

WOW. what a transformation and role model and REMINDER (types the 40 yo) it is never too late to turn your life around!!


James said...

James looks on from behind the counter... "When do we get to eat?!"